How many artists are in residence during your sessions?
There are usually three artists participating in each residency session.

What are the time frames of the residences being offered?
We offer 1 month-long residencies, beginning on the 1st till the end of the calendar month. We encourage artists to arrive no later than the 3rd of the residency month in order to benefit of the full residency period. 33OC’s primary goal is to promote serious inquiries and projects, while fostering a participatory environment and sense of community. This is best achieved when the session participants arrive together, stay together as a group, and then leave at the same time.

When do you offer residencies?
Our residency program runs in two sessions:
Spring Session: March, April, May, and June, and Fall Session: September, October, and November.


What kind of application process is involved?
33OC can accept only applications made via the online submission system available from our website. ONLY applications submitted via Submittble will be considered.

Is there an age requirement?
We do not allow artists under the age of twenty-one to participate. There is no upper age limit.

What is the policy on international applicants?
We enthusiastically welcome international applicants. For artists who need a visa for entry into Italy, we are happy to prepare a formal letter of invitation and will provide whatever additional support information is requested, but it will be your responsibility to carry the burden of the visa acquisition process through the appropriate channels. If you are planning to come from abroad for a residency, you should start working on such arrangements early. Artists must be reasonably fluent in English.

Can artist couples apply?
We accept applications from individual artists only. Each artist needs to submit a separate application for residency. If both are accepted we will make arrangements to accommodate both artists in the same period. Please specify in your application that you would like to be scheduled together.

Can two or more individuals apply to work on a collaborative project?
Yes, but we cannot accommodate groups larger than 4. When applying as a collaborative group please assign one individual as representative/contact person.

What is the policy on spouses/partners/children?
The residency program is focused on the individual artist and his or her personal creative pursuits. Besides,  our space is simply not adapt to hosting children or family in general.

If I was on the waiting list from last year or was accepted for a residency last year but was unable to attend, do I need to re-apply?
Due to the increasing number of applications for 33OC residencies, we cannot carry forward artists from the previous year’s waiting list or automatically accommodate artists who declined a prior invitation. So, you will need to re-apply.

Can students apply?
The residency program is mainly targeted to professional emerging and mid-career artists who have finished their formal studiesd. Nevertheless, students may apply and will be evaluated on the same basis as all other applicants.

In the application, you ask for date of birth? Is that really necessary or relevant?
Date of birth information is gathered for statistical purposes, to help us learn what types of artists we’re appealing to, and perhaps, those we’re not attracting, for whatever reason.

What if I am scheduled for a residency and have to cancel?
You should not accept a 33OC residency if your attendance is at all in question
. Check that your personal, financial, professional and visa-related affairs are reasonably in order before you commit. If an unexpected emergency or other circumstance arises that makes attendance impossible, please let us know immediately so that we may attempt to schedule someone from our waiting list in your place. Be aware that any notification of cancelation less than 40 days prior to your scheduled arrival date will create a severe hardship for the program.


What is the general philosophy behind 33OC’s selection process?
33OC selections are based on the relevance and compatibility of the creative project and the inquiries being proposed, the strength of the artist’s existing body of work, and an evaluation of the likelihood of the artist achieving success and satisfaction in the environment that’s been created at 33OC. We welcome candidates from differing age groups and with varying backgrounds and systems of belief.

Any other important factors?
A reasonably coherent project proposal or, alternatively, an interesting concept for an investigation or experiment is always well received. Also, a submission package that evidences commitment and depth of development and direction within one’s practice will tend to be viewed more favorably than a broad survey or sampling of capabilities. Panelists also tend to appreciate brevity and focus in applicants’ responses to the questions on the application form.

Does the 33OC program have a preference for site-responsive or context-specific art?
Through the residency program 33OC supports and celebrates not only site-responsive art, but also projects that respond to the cultural & geographic context of Toffia. This specialty has evolved over the years in response to the needs of the place and our desire to engage the rich cultural (as well as interpersonal, creative, natural & built) environment of Toffia. However, in terms of the general residency program, artists creating gallery/institutional, non-commercial and other forms of art compete and participate on equal footing in terms of 33OC’s selection criteria/system.


What expenses will I need to cover?
33OC is a nonprofit organization currently functioning without any external financing. At the moment we can continue to host artists only on fee basis.
The cost per artist/month are as follows: 300 Euros/month per artist. Residents are responsible for their travel, working materials, food and personal expenses during the residency.

Do the resident artists have any obligations other than the expenses mentioned above?
Resident artists are invited to participate in the Artists Talks at the beginning of the residency period, an opportunity to introduce themselves and get to know their fellow artists with an informal presentation of their previous work. Each residency period concludes with an Open Studios day, usually scheduled for the last Sunday of the residency period).

We encourage artists interested in site interventions or sound & video projects. Projects touching on the specificities of the place (natural or built) seen from an anthropological, cultural, historical or geographical perspective are particularly welcome.

33OC has been the beneficiary of many works of art over the years and we’d be flattered if you are moved to contribute in this way. However, this is not in any way an obligation. We’d also appreciate copies of photos, especially people photos, taken while in residence, if at all possible.

Is there a written agreement associated with the residency?
Yes, there is short agreement that defines the obligations of the parties and limits the legal exposure of the 33OC. As part of this agreement, residents agree to abide by the program’s rules and procedures. The completed, signed agreement must be received prior to arrival at the facility.


What kind of living quarters are provided?
We provide shared accommodation (two large bedrooms which could sleep up to two people each). Kitchen and bathrooms facilities are shared by all the residents.

Will I need to bring towels and sheets and what about laundry facilities?
We will provide you with towels, blankets and bedding items.
We do not have a washing machine on site, at this time there is only the possibility to wash clothes by hand.


How do I get to Toffia?
From Fiumicino airport there are direct trains to Fara Sabina train station – the direction of the train will say ‘Fara Sabina’, Poggio Mirteto’ or ‘Orte’ – the last train is at 21.55 but do check – www.trenitalia.com and don’t miss it otherwise you will be spending the night at the airport – the train takes about 1.5 hours!

From Ciampino airport you need to get into Rome – there are many ways to do it – maybe the easiest is to get the bus which takes you straight to Termini – 45 min. approx. From Termini train station you need to get on the blue metro line to Tiburtina train station (metro direction ‘Rebbibia’). At Tiburtina you can then get the train to Fara Sabina (direction ‘Fara Sabina’, Poggio Mirteto’ or Orte’ – last train at 22.45 – to check look at www.trenitalia.com – (it takes about 35 – 40 min. on the train from Tiburtina). If you are staying in Rome then you can get the train to Fara Sabina from a number of stations: Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana, Tiburtina, or  Nuova Salaria (see above for train details).

From Fara Sabina train station there are regular buses to Toffia. Please see the schedule at: https://servizi.cotralspa.it/Orari. PLEASE NOTE: there are no buses on Sunday. Also the last bus from Fara Sabina leaves at 20:40; please try to schedule your arrival accordingly. Alternatively, on request we can arrange for a third-party car to pick you up at Fara Sabina train station. The cost is 20 Euro. Please give us a minimum of 2-day notice, if you are interested. If you are coming by car – let us know and we will send directions.

VERY IMPORTANT: If your plane lands at Fiumicino after 15:00 you risk missing the last bus to Toffia (from Fara Sabina). In this case, you will need to schedule a car pickup (from Fara Sabina station), or remain in Rome overnight and come to Toffia the next morning. The same is valid if you arrive in Rome on a Sunday.

How do I get around when there?
There are a few places of interest close to Toffia that can be reached via the local bus system or on foot (light hiking)
Farfa – A small hamlet with a huge beautiful monastery (it’s a nice 1.5-2 hour walk to Farfa on a sunny day, there is also a restaurant).
Fara Sabina
– A small village on top of a hill close to Toffia, it has an archeological museum and a theater too.
Poggio Mirteto – A pretty town about 12km away with a more varied offering of food stores and services.
Bocchignano – A picturesque little hilltop village on the way to Poggio Mirteto.

How do I get to Rome from Toffia?
You will need to take a bus from Toffia to Fara Sabina train station (30 – 40 min. ride). From Fara Sabina train station there are direct trains to Roma Tiburtina train station (1.5 hours ride). From Roma Tiburtina you can take the metro into central Rome. Direction of train when going to Rome: ‘Fiumicino’ (towards the airport). Direction of train when coming from Rome: ‘Orte’, ‘Poggio Mirteto’ or Fara Sabina’.

During the day, and during the week trains leave every 15 min. Trains are a bit less regular on the weekends and in the evening – best check the timetable. The last train from Rome is not late (about 22.45 from Tiburtina) but buses back to Toffia from the train station leave much earlier than this, so be careful not to get stranded!

The train from Fara Sabina also goes to Trastevere station in Rome (takes about 50mins) and from there you can get a tram into a nice part of Rome. For train times to Rome you can look at the website: www.trenitalia.com. In Fara Sabina you can buy train tickets at the bar opposite the station (ask for: ‘un biglietto di otto (8) Euro per la giornata a Roma’) – for 8 Euros you can have a return day trip to Rome AND this includes all your transport in Rome too (buses, metro and tram). Remember to stick it in the yellow machines on the platform which stamp it with the date – if the machines are broken (very often) tell the ticket inspector immediately.

In Toffia, the bus stop is in front of “Sister’s Bar” on the main road (not the bar in the piazza). If you are not sure ask at the bar for times. Tickets can be purchased from the TABACCHERIA. If closed, do not worry, you shouldn’t have any problems taking the bus without a ticket. As the schedule changes often we suggest always checking it here. (Choose departing staton ‘Passo Corese(Fara Sabina)’ and arrival ‘Toffia’).


What kind of workspaces are provided?
The entire theatre and the adjacent spaces are put at the disposal of the artists in residence. We use the spaces in an organic way based on what activities are taking place in the theatre and the work needs of the resident artists. We provide basic multi-use spaces and equipment which artists need to coordinate usage upon arrival with the Residency Manager and the other artists-in-residence. As mentioned previously, the spaces cannot accommodate artists working in printmaking, sculpture, ceramics or large-scale paintings. We ask you to be flexible and respectful towards others and creative in adapting spaces to your needs.
We also encourage artists to consider interventions in public spaces throughout Toffia on agreement with the 33OC staff.

Does 33OC have studio spaces outfitted with equipment for computer-generated/new media art?
At the moment we cannot provide any specialized equipment for media-art. Artists working in new media typically bring along their own gear.  Please note that due to the fact that we are housed in a medieval structure, the Wi-Fi network is limited to the bedrooms and kitchen area.

What about facilities for photography and video art?
We regularly host artists working in these areas. Although we don’t have a darkroom or special equipment or software, we can provide a space where (most) external light is blocked out. If this is needed, advance notice would be appreciated.


What about meals?
The kitchen is available on a self-catering basis to all artists in residence. The pantries are stocked with basics (coffee, sugar, spices etc.) and the kitchen is designed and outfitted for group cooking. Artists are responsible for the costs of all additional food & personal items. A meal pattern quickly develops for each session that reflects the preferences of the particular group.

Please note: Public events can take place throughout the year, monstly on weekends. During the month of Ocotber and November every Saturdays the whole theatre becomes a public space, and depending on the events taking place in the theatre, the kitchen is used to cook meals for many guests.  Artists are welcome to join us and enjoy the company. Lots of people speak a little English, some speak some French and others are good and sign language!
Some weekends we may have impromptu meals together – we hope this will be a more sociable time for artists during their stay – a chance to interact and meet the community that supports 33OC. Sometimes it can be quite hectic, but it is a nice contrast to the rest of the week which is quieter.

Cleanup, composting?
Cleaning duties should be shared between resident artists – we do not feel it is necessary to monitor you or ‘give’ you duties – common sense and a mature and responsible attitude should be enough to ensure that due respect is shown to others as well as to the spaces and facilities. Artists are responsible for clean up after their meals and for maintaining a reasonably neat and organized kitchen. We are conscientious about composting and recycling. Please put trash outside the theatre the night before – we have door to door trash collection in Toffia as part of a recycling program.

What kinds of communications are available at 33OC?
If you have a laptop that has wireless capability, you should be able to readily utilize our wireless network, at the moment available only in the bedrooms and kitchen. It is highly recommended having a cell phone that works in Europe, even if keeping a non-Italian SIM card, it can be very useful if any problems arise during your travel, or for day to day communication with residency staff, other artists etc. If possible, we recommend bringing an unlocked cell phone and purchasing an Italian SIM upon arrival in Italy. The best cell phone reception in Toffia is from Iliad & Vodafone.

What kind of computer hardware, software and support will be available?
We have a multipurpose inkjet printer/scanner/copier and an A3 laser printer at the disposal of all artists. Note that the printers are available to residents for casual use only as they are shared among all members of the group. If you require any computer special equipment for your work project(s) you should inquire well in advance of your residency to determine whether or not we will be able to accommodate you. Artists are responsible for purchasing the supplies in case of heavy use of the printer/copier.


Is it possible to create site installations in Toffia?
Certainly, those interested are encouraged to engage the public space and will find here a rich canvas for their creations. The main considerations are site’s location, safety, feasibility/capability and intensity of the intervention (at this time, all installations are considered temporary). In most cases, a written proposal and sketch will be required in advance and the artist will be responsible for removing the installation at the end of his or her residency or at the end of the season. In certain exceptional cases, installations may remain up for a longer time frame and 33OC will either maintain or dispose of them at the appropriate time. All projects are subject to the approval of the 33OC Director.

Does 33OC provide support for such installations?
On a case-by-case basis, 33OC can provide logistic and limited equipment support for site installations.

Is it alright to use materials found at 33OC in my work product?
Yes, there is quite a variety of materials and objects on the site that you are welcome to utilize. Just please ask permission first as there are a few things that need to be preserved.

What to bring?
– A cell phone from which you can alt least send & receive SMSs.
– Cash – there is no ATM in Toffia. Please bring enough cash to last you a few days. There are ATMs in the nearby towns.
– Towels
– Any special materials & equipment – remember Toffia is a very small village with only basic shops.
– It can be cool here and there is no heating in the studios, so please bring warm layers to wear and maybe slippers.
– Any special medication (Italian pharmacies are well equipped, but it is better to come prepared).


Can I invite a guest?
We cannot accommodate overnight stays of guests. We usually have a full house and a guest has the potential to upset the social balance of the place, particularly if the nature of the guest relationship is purely social. On request, we may suggest outside lodging for guests wishing to remain overnight in Toffia. Plase discuss any visits with residency staff. However, we encourage guest visits during the Artist Talk or Open Studios events at the beginning and the end of the residency. Artists are responsible for the proper behavior of their guests.


Are there any social or public events planned?
In the theater take place a number of activities during the weekend: theatre plays, concerts or workshops. Please see the events section on our website to view the current calendar or get a sense of our previous activities. Artists are welcome to participate in any of the events though, in some cases, a good understanding of Italian may be required. Please inquire.

As previously stated, artists are invited to participate in Artist Talks, an intimate sharing amongst the fellow artists of their existing bodies of work and aspirations for their residency – generally a casual evening affair scheduled for early in the session, and in the Open Studios, a public event usually scheduled for the final Sunday of the residency session.

The activities here take place organically based on our scheduled activities, artists’ interests and other factors. The key is to strike a sensible balance between the work schedules and ambitions of resident artists and their desire for social interaction and exposure to cultural happenings. Attendance at all social functions is entirely voluntary.

How remote is 33OC from commercial amenities, the real world?
In Toffia we have a small grocery store, a pharmacy, a bar/coffe place, a post office, a hairdresser and a tabaccheria – most of these are on the main road just outside the village.

Market day is Saturday morning and on Wednesdays (also sometimes on Fridays) there is a truck which comes to sell fruit and veggies in the piazza – this has many locally-grown produce and is much better than supermarket vegetables.

In Osteria Nuova (ugly but close by – 7km) or Poggio Mirteto (quite pretty little town – 10km) you can find more shops, banks etc. For special equipment/materials you must go to Rome. To get to these places please review the bus or train schedule above.

Please note that there are no banks in Toffia, so we ask you to bring cash to last you a few days. To get cash from an ATM you will have to get a bus or lift to: Passo Corese/Osteria Nuova/Poggio Mirteto/Rome.


Can I ship materials via UPS or other means in advance of my arrival?
Sure, but please to let us know your intentions in advance especially of you ship from outside EU. The Italian customs can be very difficult, so please contact us in advance and we will give you instrucitons on how to cmplete the customs forms. If at all possible, please consider buying materials online via Amazon Italy or even Amazon.com and have them shipped to 33OC. There are also Italian online art supplies stores that will ship here.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for the shipment of any articles back home at the end of your residency (packaging, making your own arrangements with the shipper, including payment arrangements, etc.). Please don’t leave items behind for us to send back for you.

Do you have any advice for an artist who has never participated in a residency program before?
In our invitations and announcements, we refer to ‘self-directed’ residencies at 33OC. You need to be prepared to set your own goals and organize your daily routine accordingly to achieve these goals. 33OC imposes very little organizational structure – you’re basically on your own in terms of making effective use of your time. Not everyone has the discipline or motivation to deal with this freedom successfully.

The other aspect of life at 33OC that has been problematic for a few of our residents has been the issue of solitude and quiet. The general area itself is very quiet. Although the solitude and the ability to control one’s own time are highly valued by most of those who come to 33OC, this is not for everyone. Some individuals need a more broadly and predictably supportive social structure, external sources of direction and even, in some cases, a bit of commotion. You should not expect 33OC to provide these for you.

Are you open to the public? Can I come up and check the place out?
We are always open to the public. 33OC strives to maintain an open, communal environment and to maximize our artists interaction with the general public. That said, please email in advance if you’d like to visit. We’ll be happy to show you around.

Where can I buy art Supplies?
Art supplies are can only be purchased in Rome or online.
Arte 3 (paper, paints, canvas, most things you can find here). Via del Fiume 3a. Rome (metro stop – red line – Flaminio Piazza del Popolo) open Mon. – Fri. 9-00 – 19.00. Sat. 9.00 – 13.00 and 15.00 – 19.00).

Da Poggi (they have two shops in different parts of Rome):
1. In angle between Via del Gesu n. 74/75 and Via Pie di Marmo no 38/39 (behind the Pantheon, just beyond the piazza that has an elephant sculpture in the middle of it). Open Monday to Saturday 9.00 – 19.30 (sometimes shut at lunch times).
2. Via Card. Merry del Val no. 18/19 (opposite Piazza Mastai in Trastevere) open 10.00 – 19.30 – sometimes shut for lunch.

Online you could use Mondo Artista – a well stocked professional art supplies site with fast shipping.

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