A project for Toffia: the land of fantasy

Every year in August Toffia transform itself in a giant stage crowded with musicians, street artists and artisans.

The idea of the festival was born in 1996 with the goal of renewing the traditional festival model, be it political or religious, centered in the main square of the town. A festival born with the scope of revitalizing the historic center, reinforcing the sense of community and healing the ideological fractures of the ’70s and ‘80s. A farsighted initiative aimed to reevaluate the urban and social structure of the place. The threshold of the gate is surpassed, the town squares become salons and Toffia becomes the land of fantasy all with the deliberate effort of the community.

The town regains its life, the cellars become boutiques, the squares and the streets become stages for artists and actors. The houses open their gates and the emigrated return to their home-town. The church bells ring amid a lay festival.

A convivial atmosphere recalls every year many tourists, attracted by the captivating shows, the beauty of the land and the tasty local cuisine. An event achieved with the generous participation of the community. www.toffiafestival.com


In 2012, the 17th edition of the Festival welcomed on its main stage the first edition of “Folk in Progress”, a folk music festival coordinated by Enrico Moccia. Five nights of music, in the mina square of Toffia, featuring: Majaria, Eleonora Bordonaro, Le Romane, Valentina Ferraiuolo, Allabua and Paola Donzella. Everything highlighted by the Italian Network for Folk Culture streaming live via the web.

The Festival featured also theatre shows by “Teatro delle Forme” from Torino, poetry with “Poesia in Liberta” and a diverse artisan market. To celebrate the 17th edition of the Festival, the uncontested protagonist of the event was number 17, and all the ‘bad luck’ that comes with it.