33OC is offering a special 3-week residency for two international photographers interested in documentary photography. The residency is free of charge in exchange for documenting a 5-day Arts Festival that takes place in Toffia between August 14 – 18, 2013. The rest of the time the artists are free to work on personal projects.

The residency period is August 1 – 21, 2013
Deadline: June 15, 2013
Number of artists: 2 – collaborations are accepted


General Information

Toffia, a small and quiet medieval hilltop village in the middle of Sabina, about 60km NE of Rome. The residency is hosted within a renovated 13th Century church, now a theatre and the adjacent building. The space also hosts various cultural activities for the community (theatre, film screenings, concerts and various classes.)

If otherwise Toffia emanates a tranquil, almost sleepy atmosphere, during the Arts Festival it transforms itself into a giant stage crowded with actors, musicians, street artists and artisans. The convivial atmosphere brings back every year many tourists attracted by the interactive scene, the beauty of the land and the delicious local cuisine.

The 2013 Photography Residency offers artists a rare opportunity to experience the place and the people of Toffia in two very different manifestations, thus allowing for a deeper understanding of the multilayered social and cultural dynamics that are formed between people and places.

For more information on the Festival please go here.


The artists will be housed in a private double occupancy room with full bathroom. Kitchen facilities are provided at the 33OC space. For additional information on the space and facilities at 33OC please go here.

Artists’ Costs

There is no residency fee. Residents are responsible for their travel, work materials, food and personal expenses during their stay.

Selection Criteria

The selected artists are expected to demonstrate professional experience and interest in documentary photography via a portfolio of up to 20 images. Previous work documenting festivals or urban, artistic events is required. We’d like to see an interest in socio-political, anthropological or cultural issues demonstrated through previous work. We are open to all forms of documentation, so any other technical skills beyond photography are particularly welcomed.


Our application can be made online only. Please follow the link below to complete your application to the Special Residency program.

You will be prompted to:
1. Complete the application form.
2. Submit a current resume of maximum 2 pages.
3. Upload up to 20 images, and/or a combination of photos & videos of your work (no more than 20). Please make sure your images are of good quality as your portfolio is the deciding element of your application.
4. Provide image details for each image file (title of work, date executed, media and dimensions). Add any brief narrative necessary to inform the jury about each individual work.
5. Submit a 500 word letter stating reasons for application.
6. Pay the 20 US Dollars application fee (via Credit Card or PayPal).


Foreign Applicants Please Note:
• Accepted applicants must be able to speak and understand English.

For more information please contact us

Photo credits: Dayoung Kang and Jiseon Lim